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Our Sitting Systems are a combination of our individual supports put together to make a range of seating options, which you can tailor to suit your child.

Movement Solutions Physiotherapy in Brisbane is our first ‘Sleep n Rest Hub’, providing a specialized individual fitting service for our product. Melissa Locke Physiotherapist, Movement Solutions is available for consultations by contacting Movement Solutions.

Physios/OT’s please contact us if you are interested in becoming a main Hub for our products or if you have a client needing to be fitted with our systems outside the Brisbane area. Pillows and supports may be funded through Better Start and Caeati – discuss with your therapists.

Our Sitting System is now being used in Ruby & Ollie’s All Abilities Childcare Centre in Brisbane. Here’s some feedback by Rebecca Glover, Director….

“The floor cushion (Base) and Ruby’s Rest is working perfectly, providing a great alternative for tummy time and supportive sitting. The children are able to feel supported and comfortable at the same time. Educators feel confident that once the child is placed in the positions, such as seated, or tummy time, that they can withstand this position for a period of time and see major benefits in these products in assisting children with postural correction, core stability and improving balance.”

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