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Endorsed and used by Movement Solutions Physiotherapy, Gold Coast Private Hospital, John Flynn Private Hospital, Ruby & Ollie’s All Abilities Childcare and Possums Clinic.

Soft, Supportive, Safe and Comfortable. The best thing is – just wipe them clean!

Our healthy alternative to foam, these positioning supports are multi use, offering comfort and softness which molds to your body. Lasting 10 years and beyond, optimal protection against Bacteria, Fungi, Microbes & Dustmites. With natural husk fill and European technology, our TGA Registered & Patented Range is designed for;

• Preventing Musculoskeletal & Nerve Pain
• Correcting Structural eg Leg Length/Scoliosis Postural Imbalances
• Reducing Chronic Pain from Injury
• Pressure Management for Post Operative procedures
• Soft, Safe, Comfortable Body Positioning

Currently being used for
• Disability/Special Needs (body/limb/sleep/sitting positioning)
• Autism Spectrum Disorder (lap weights/body positioning/high sensitivities)
• Maternity (side lying pregnancy, breastfeeding single & twins, reflux, tongue tie/lip conditions)
• Neonatal Special Care Units (head supports)
• Aged/Palliative Care (neck/lumbar/knee/leg support)

Features include….
• Fire Retardant, Tear Resistant, Flexible
• High Frequency Welded Seams preventing fluid seepage
• Fluid Proof, Wipeable, Infection Safe (effective against MRSA)
• Adjustable, Breathable, Chemical Free (no Phthalate, Heavy Metals, Latex)
• Okeo Tex, REACH compliant & Eco Friendly
• Child proof zippers for safety in compliance with AS/NZ Standards
• Outer cover is wipeable European design, eco friendly polyurethane

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