Sleep n Rest Positioning Support Locke’s Leg

Locke’s Leg – approx 1.5m x 20cm. Locke’s Leg is primarily used as a long wrap around positioning support for All Abilities. Easy to curve and wrap around trunk/between limbs for maximum safety and pressure management support.

Outer cover is easy clean European design, eco friendly polyurethane, wipeable, chemical free, fire retardant, tear resistant, fluid proof and infection safe giving you optimal protection against Bacteria, Fungi, Microbes and Dustmites.

With durability and hospital grade quality these really are the ultimate in support.

Easy to curve and wrap around trunk/between limbs for maximum stability and safety. Great for prevention of joint dislocation during seizures or muscle spasms.  Also great for prone lying and as a core wrap whilst sitting with parents making it easier on mum’s body as the support does the work!

No washing or changing of covers, just wipe it down!

Sleep n Rest Thermoregulation Cover

Sleep N Rest Thermoregulation Covers

Thermoregulation Cover to fit all our Sleep n Rest Positioning Systems. Available in fuchsia, black and pale green.

Super soft, made from Modal which is derived from wood, this is the ultimate in comfort and breathability.

Perfect for people who have trouble regulating their own body temperature and tend to sweat, our covers are moisture absorbent and will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

With a hint of Spandex for multidirectional stretch, it makes our covers easy to get on and off. The stretch allows the fabric to move with the body whilst in use.