Supportive, Safe and Comfortable Postural Care Management

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A healthy alternative to foam, our 24hr positioning supports offer comfort, pressure management and stability which molds to the body.  With easy repositioning our Sleep System can be converted to a freestanding Seat System or used as individual pieces for less complex positioning.

What’s our secret?  Buckwheat Husk – thousands of buckwheat husks as our filling which form a supportable mould once pressure is applied, holding the position, naturally.

Lasting 10 years and beyond, optimal protection against Bacteria, Fungi, Microbes & Dustmites. With the highest quality European technology, our TGA Registered, NDIS approved & Patented Range is a unique, simple, yet effective solution to 24hr positioning.

One of the most rewarding parts of this journey for us, is seeing the reactions of clients the moment they come in contact with our Sleep n Rest supports….. their faces light up, their body relaxes, often they fall asleep during a trial!   The product speaks for itself in reducing/relieving pain and musculoskeletal tightness, promoting a state of relaxation giving clients a better quality sleep and life.

Prevents Progression of Musculoskeletal Deformities

Correcting Structural Leg Length/Scoliosis Postural Imbalances

Safe, Supportive, Pressure Management for Body Positioning

Promotes Safe Therapy for Relaxation of High Tone without ‘containing’

Proudly Endorsed by:


Features Include

  • Support & Comfort

    These essential requirements in postural care are exactly what our products provide with ease of use and the bonus of using weight to achieve stability without ‘containing’ the client with limited potential to do harm

  • Adjustable

    Self adjustable for your personal comfort– allowing you to adjust the level of each support to suit

  • Low Heat Conductive & Breathable

    Buckwheat does not compact or conduct heat, like other fills do staying warm in winter, cool in summer

  • Thermoregulation Covers

    Super soft, made from wood, this is the ultimate in comfort and breathability when used with our supports. Moisture absorbent and very effective for regulating body temperature.

  • Antibacterial

    Antibacterial, Chemical (no Phthalate, Heavy Metals, Latex), Dust Mite free

  • Professionally Recommended

    Recommended by Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists Australia Wide

  • Natural Benefits

    Buckwheat does not breed bacteria, mould or mildew like foam and is naturally hypo-allergenic

  • Durable

    Fire Retardant, Tear Resistant & Flexible. Life expectancy of 10 years and beyond, making them affordable and value for money

  • Eco Friendly

    All materials used in our products, even our Medical Grade Polyurethane are sustainable & biodegradable where possible reducing landfill

  • Wipeable

    Infection Safe (effective against MRSA)

  • Fluid Proof

    High Frequency Welded Seams preventing fluid seepage

  • #1 in Safety & Standards

    Child proof zippers for safety in compliance with AS/NZ Standards. Okeo Tex, REACH (European) compliant

Our Supports are being used for

Disability/Special Needs

Body/limb/sleep & seating positioning

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Lap weights/body positioning/high sensitivities


Side lying pregnancy, breastfeeding single & twins, reflux, tongue tie/lip conditions

Reducing Chronic Pain

Musculoskeletal pain & tightness from poor sleep/pillow support

Neonatal Special Care Units

Head positioning supports

Aged/Palliative Care

Neck/lumbar/knee/leg support – hospital care

Practitioner Use

Bolster support/head & neck support


What our Customers Say

About Pure Earth

Pure Earth International is here to help you Sleep and Rest, with less Pain and more Comfort, bringing you a natural, new concept in 24hr Postural Care Management.

A Queensland based business and NDIS provider, with customer’s health & comfort our number one focus, we manufacture Australia’s first and only Plant Based & Medical Grade, “Sleep n Rest” 24hr Positioning Supports, Sleep & Seating Systems. Designed by us in conjunction with leading health professionals in Australia, this range has taken the health care industry by surprise with it’s unique multifunctional support, easily mouldable, adjustable along with infection safe features. In addition to this, our products are designed to simply wipe down, making daily care super easy with much less washing!

What makes us different to everyone else? All of our products are foam & chemical free, eco friendly and biodegradable.

That’s right we don’t use foam! We use a natural Buckwheat Husk inner fill which is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and durable, lasting many years.

Our “Sleep n Rest” Medical Grade Range evolved from a severe neck injury a few years ago which left me searching for ‘true support’, something which I found foam products just couldn’t give me. After finally healing from my neck injury, I am proud to say we can now offer children and adults with all types of ailments, conditions and special needs, our Multifunctional 24hr Positioning Products as a Complete System or Individual Parts.

Our products are being used and are endorsed by Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Hospitals – Private and Public and Special Needs Child Care Centres. A common response from health professionals using our products is how supportive, mouldable & comfortable they are with built in pressure management, simplicity of repositioning, the weight/stability and how well our products hold their position once pressure is applied and the client is in place and the ease of resetting the product back to it’s original form. With no straps, Velcro or complex parts ‘containing the client’, our system is easy to use with limited potential to do harm.

But most importantly, the big positive change we see is with clients, their emotional and physical reactions show just how well our products are helping in reducing and relieving pain and musculoskeletal tightness, allowing the body to relax more giving them a better quality sleep and life.  Like anything, it will feel different in the beginning but once the body adjusts to this unique level of support, the results speak for themselves.

We love hearing the life changing stories from customers already using our products and if you’ve just discovered us, we look forward to speaking with you about how we can help you too!


Dee Smith
Founder, Pure Earth International

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