Sleep n Rest Videos: 24hr Positioning System

Introducing Sleep n Rest 24hr Positioning System – Australia’s first plant-based, medical grade supports are here! Our multifunctional Positioning System easily converts from Sleep to Seat. One system for babies to adults.   For use in disability, aged care and wherever you need mouldable support!

  • Mouldable
  • Adjustable
  • Breathable
  • Infection Safe
  • Wipes Clean
  • Reduces Pain

From Sleep to Seat

Convert from Sleep to Seating System.
Learn how to convert the Sleep System in to a Seat System.  This tutorial will walk you through the different seating options available for your comfort and requirements.

Clean and Storage

Learn how to easily clean and store your Sleep n Rest System. This video will walk you through the simple steps to maintain and pack away the Sleep n Rest system.

Positioning with Melissa Locke, Physiotherapist, Movement Solutions

Watch how Melissa positions Ruby into supine sleep using different head options, a more upright position with lumbar support, to a side resting position.

Watch Melissa positioning Frankie with under knee supine positioning and different head options, transitioning to side lying & the importance of choosing the right foot support option to reduce the risk of hip dislocation.

Positioning with Fiona McEwan, Physiotherapist, Brisbane

Supine lying

Side lying

Quarter turn

Tummy time

Seated foot support

Seated head side drop support

Seated symmetrical head Support

Simple seat against wall

Seat with extra height

Angled large base under knee

Side view of seat

Lockes Leg XL foot support