Loan Terms & Conditions

Pure Earth International conducts 2 types of Equipment Loan Systems for the Sleep n Rest Kit.  Please see Loan Terms and Conditions below.

1) Single Kit Loans by individual therapist/company

2) Shared Kit Loans amongst therapist groups/companies

The equipment must be wiped clean with antibacterial wipes or warm soapy water at the end of use and ready for the next therapist group to pick up by agreed loan end date.  Each group at end of loan must contact Pure Earth Int to advise of Kit being ready to ‘handover’ for collection by the new group, we will then let them know it’s ready.  The new group taking the Kit must check that all items are there and in clean condition and contact Pure Earth Int to verify they have received the Kit in this condition.

Names of each support are underneath the zip flap of each support and contents of each suitcase is on a card in the small zip pocket at the front of each suitcase.  Please refer to this card when repacking – it will make it much easier!

SnR folder, antibacterial wipes and cover fabric samples are in one of the external zip pockets in one of the suitcases.  Please use these to show clients and make sure they go back in the suitcase after use.

By signing below, you agree to the following Loan Terms & Conditions:

  • All loan equipment remains the property of Pure Earth International. Please inspect the equipment upon arrival and make sure that it has been wiped clean and in good condition. Please notify Pure Earth Int on 0406 680 528 if any of the SnR Kit is damaged or incomplete.
  • For Single Kit Loans, Pure Earth Int will send the SnR Kit via courier/post to the therapist or client on the date specified. Return freight costs are to be borne by the therapist loaning/trialing the equipment. Therapists are expected to wipe all supports clean before packing and sending with a reputable freight carrier and ensure that the equipment can be tracked and is packed & carried safely with clear, fastened address labels.
  • For Shared Kit Loans among therapist groups, Pure Earth Int will pay the cost to and from the main city/location. Transporting it between therapist groups is the responsibility of the groups ie. next group in line to use the Kit is to collect it, BUT it must be co-ordinated with Pure Earth Int and only to those groups who have prior permission from Pure Earth Int can loan the equipment ie. You cannot just give it to someone else who has seen it and is keen to use it!
  • Therapists will take full responsibility for the care of the items and are financially and legally liable for any damage to the SnR Kit or persons due to misuse occurring during this trial period.
  • All SnR Trial items are to be used under the supervision of the borrowing therapists.
  • Therapist/client must refer to the Sleep n Rest PDF document emailed prior to receiving the Kit & converse with families by showing them the content in the folder with the Kit to assist in using the equipment appropriately, for demonstration or short trial only and must not expose the equipment to pets, food or other adverse conditions. This equipment is used for self care purposes only. The equipment should be in the same configuration as it was when it was sent. No stickers/tags/velcro are to be affixed to the products.
  • Pure Earth Int does not guarantee that equipment will be available for loan or the timing of that loan. Where equipment is not available on date requested by therapist Pure Earth Int will arrange a more suitable date and time with the therapist.
  • All SnR Kit Loans extensions are to be requested in writing to Pure Earth Int.
  • Pure Earth Int are happy to arrange to speak via Skype with customers or therapists for assistance on most effective choice of products advice for trials. Please contact us to arrange this if required. Pure Earth Int are also available if you need assistance or further information regarding equipment trial or these terms and conditions.
  • Customer feedback, whether good or bad is greatly appreciated so please feel free to contact us via email.
  • If the equipment is lost or damaged, the organisation/therapist/client will be responsible for paying for the full value of the equipment.
  • Pure Earth Int may, at their discretion, choose to leave a piece of equipment with an organisation/client on a long term loan. In this situation, the therapist/organisation/client is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is well maintained and returned to Pure Earth Int upon request.


All goods remain the property of Pure Earth International Pty Ltd and are to be returned in useable condition or full amount for item will be charged.  Should products be lost, stolen, or not returned in useable condition by the specified date an invoice will be issued to the company for the total retail price amount.  Pure Earth International Pty Ltd will not be held liable for any circumstances arising from our products or from incorrect or misuse of our products.