Thermoregulation Covers

We also have Thermoregulation Covers to fit each positioning support.  Designed to assist people who have difficulty in balancing their body temperature.

Available Colours: Fuchsia, black and pale green

Composition: Modal (derived from wood) and Spandex


  • natural & super soft
  • the ultimate in comfort and breathability
  • easy wash and fast drying
  • the stretch allows the fabric to move with the body whilst in use



  • perfect for people who have trouble regulating their own body temperature and tend to sweat
  • moisture absorbent
  • cool in summer and warm in winter



Our Thermoregulation Covers are optional but strongly recommended when using our positioning supports especially for those who have struggle with regulating their body temperature.  Also great for people with high sensory needs where added comfort and softness is needed.

With a hint of Spandex for multidirectional stretch, it makes our covers easy to get on and off.